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Tom came *VERY* highly recommended to us by a friend we know and trust in the construction business, and we couldn't be more please with the loft finish-out that he did for us. He was such a pleasure to work with and to have in our home. He finished *ahead* of schedule and on budget, which, if you've ever had work done on a home, you'll know is extremely rare.

He completed almost the entire project on his own, only bringing in one other person (Charles, who was very nice) to help with the parts that required more than two hands. This, specifically, was important to us for two major reasons: 1.) Tom takes GREAT pride in his work, and doesn't want his name to be associated with anything less than the very best (he's been featured in several magazines and publications, and it's easy to see why), and 2.) We had heard horror stories from friends who had several people involved in their home renovations (and one who was later burglarized by one of the workers). We felt completely comfortable with Tom during the entire process and trusted him like family. In fact, he was such a delight to talk to and get to know, that after he was finished, my husband told him that he was going to have to find some more projects so that we could have him around again.

Tom has been in business for decades, and that was important to us because we've heard too many stories about contractors disappearing with deposits, never to be seen or heard of again. I even had a friend visit while Tom was here, and she said how she wished that she had known about him before their kitchen remodel that they ended up paying for twice, after their first contractor gutted the kitchen, got the second deposit and took off.

Bottom line: Tom is FANTASTIC all-around, and we really couldn't be happier with the custom work he did for us! We'll never use anyone else for home renovations. Tom is top-notch!


I'm extremely pleased with Tom's work!  We recently had our kitchen remodeled, and Tom did a spectacular job with drywall, paint, and appliance installation!  I appreciate that he takes a great deal of pride in his work, and always makes sure we're pleased with the end product.  I will not hesitate to call on him again for future projects!

Ed B.

As an interior designer for over thirty years, I have gathered the best resources and the best artisans and craftspeople to implement my ideas for my clients. I had the pleasure of having Tom Newland as one of those people for many years. I considered him part of my "team". His work is excellent. He spends the much needed time on prepping a project before he embarks on the finishing. He is a master at creating special finishes to suit a project. His work on kitchen and bathroom cabinets is excellent. My clients always enjoyed having him in their homes. He is professional, pleasant, courteous, neat and efficient. They are always satisfied with the quality of his work. I have been as well.

Urso Designs

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